Direct Services, Inc. (DSI) is a database marketing company, specializing in helping firms customize and integrate data-driven online and offline marketing programs. Our proprietary data management and customer identification processes enable clients to plan, create, execute and manage sophisticated multi-channel, multi-touch communication programs across all channels. The DSI marketing platform provides total accountability and comprehensive reporting.

The company's number one asset is its employees. Each member of the team brings a wealth of experience and understanding of industry best practices to each client. The right people with the experience, creativity and technical expertise provide the foundation that sets DSI apart from its competitors. We provide the infrastructure, technology, and expertise to create truly effective customer relationship marketing and prospecting programs.

DSI is small enough to provide a “boutique” environment where every client is important and receives a level of personal service that is difficult to find in most large, mega-companies. Yet, DSI is large enough to provide leading-edge, state-of-the-art technological solutions customized to each client, but without the high fees.

With offices in South Florida and Seattle, and affiliates in Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Jackson, and Atlanta, we offer our services from coast to coast.


DSI's philosophy is to become a strategic asset for our customers by providing a level of knowledge of marketing data and processes that most companies cannot afford to maintain internally. As your marketing partner, DSI provides the resources that allow our clients to focus on more important issues at hand such as growing their business.

We prefer to establish long-term working relationships with our customers that allow us to go beyond response to historical problems by developing a mutual understanding of business needs. As that understanding grows, we can work together to evolve solutions to satisfy the requirements of new strategies as they are implemented.

DSI was founded on the basic principle of quality. No matter how simple or complex the project, no matter how large or small the client, every step of every process is subject to meticulous quality control practices. DSI's primary objective is to deliver quality information in order to develop successful marketing campaigns that help you generate revenues in a cost-effective manner.


A core competency of DSI is our data management capabilities. DSI develops and maintains proprietary data management processes. Proper manipulation of your data is critical to the success of your marketing campaigns.


Our data hygiene processes include data parsing, normalization, address standardization, National Change of Address. All files at DSI undergo a CASS certified address standardization process.


The Customer Identification process is critical to the success of every direct mail acquisition program and is at the core of a successful Marketing Data Management System (MDMS). Mailing duplicate names is a waste of printing, postage and marketing costs which results in reduced response rates and higher acquisition costs.

DSI will de-dupe your list based on individual, address, household, business, or customized criteria. Using a unique combination of software and proprietary matching logic, DSI takes pride in providing our clients with the benefit of highly effective and sophisticated merge/purge processing. And, since we perform all work in-house, our clients reap the benefits of fast turn-around and complete confidentiality.


Our presort incorporates PostalSoft, a third party USPS CASS Certified software. We are able to provide you with postal discounts that may far exceed your current postal savings. DSI has proven expertise in all classes of mail, ensuring our clients pay the minimum postage possible for each mailing. Working with our clients, DSI prepares mailing files to provide expedited service and additional discounts. Services range from destination entry and palletization to MAIL.DAT files as well as other electronic reporting methods.


DSI will design, build and maintain a Marketing Data Management System (MDMS) that will enable you to aggressively apply database marketing strategies to direct marketing programs. We will help identify and gather relevant data about customers and prospects then use database technology to transform the raw data into powerful marketing information.

The infrastructure will support multi-channel marketing campaigns including direct mail, telemarketing and web marketing efforts.


DSI has developed a propriety CRM system that will optimize customer acquisition and on-going relationship management with streamlined processes and more efficient strategic planning for added profitability and marketing success. Our CRM system consists of various modules that, when integrated, optimize the effectiveness of your overall contact management strategy.


You will be able to access your data online with a 360° view of your customers and prospects - complete with all contact history, transaction data, source data, demographic and segmentation variables.


The Campaign Center is DSI’s proprietary, web-based, user-friendly campaign management tool designed to create, manage and execute all your marketing campaigns. The system has user-defined campaign types, budgeting and response analysis functionality. The Campaign Center allows you to develop a deeper understanding of customer response by measuring all elements of campaign execution (creative, response, ROI, etc.)


A customized, template-driven e-mail customizing tool is available, allowing clients to maintain a library of images to create an e-mail marketing campaign. The system allows you to preview, test, select the list, schedule and execute with a few clicks of the mouse. Comprehensive click-thru reports and conversion analyses are available.


The Call Management System manages outbound telemarketing efforts. Allocation management allows the client to allocate leads based on geography, industry, product or other customizable criteria.


The DSI Web Center is an interactive client area that includes cutting edge internet tools for benchmarking and monitoring web site popularity ranking, traffic, links to keyword activity and search engine placements. The DSI Web Audit is a comprehensive investigation and snapshot of a website's critical functionality and performance metrics. This documented, detailed review leads to informative list of recommended action items that produce increased traffic, click through rates, conversion, average order values, customer life, customer referrals and viral marketing.


DSI can support client's fulfillment needs by capturing inquires through a variety of sources (i.e. Business Reply Cards, hosting a brochure request page from a website, automated data feeds, etc.) DSI will integrate the leads into the database, disseminate them to the proper fulfillment house, and report on the activity and conversion.


Every salesperson knows that just getting leads from trade shows, a direct mail piece, a web marketing campaign or print ad does not mean they are qualified. Inquirers must typically “mature” through a permission-based interactive dialogue with your company. DSI's Lead Management System is a time-based, action-based system that is contingent on a series of predetermined events.


Key metrics measuring marketing response rates, sales activity and market analysis are available through The Report Center. Customized standard reports, ad hoc reports and report writer functionality are available.


Many companies are data-rich and information-poor. DSI's in-house statisticians use sophisticated statistical techniques that will turn your data into actionable information. Our modeling and segmentation will help you predict future customer behavior and give you a significant competitive advantage by increasing the level of control over your marketing investments. Continued tests, adjustments, and improvements help assure that the model remains valid.


DSI offers a wide range of strategic and consulting service, as well as creative and graphic design.


DSI is a full range list brokerage firm providing qualified names for all your prospecting needs. We specialize in target marketing and have access to millions of names in which you can cross reference different types of criteria to pinpoint your specific audience. As your mailing list broker, DSI will provide quick, knowledgeable service and will work side by side with our customers to identify the opportunities each list presents, along with response analysis of the effectiveness of a list. What's more, our customers reap the benefits of very competitive pricing from our wholesale buying power.


DSI has sustained a winning track record helping Fortune 1000 and midmarket companies move toward true one-to-one marketing communication.
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